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Partnering leading companies and international brands, we are one of the reputed channel partners in south india for industrial products covering the corridors of foundry, mining, energy & power generation, process industry and general industry.
A tradition of customer centric business practice since 1991 has earned us respect and reputation from all our customers.
We believe that customers respect us to add value to their business. We therefore, strive hard to deliver on those expectations. In the process we have built strong relationships with our customers and continue to grow along with them.
As a technology driven organization, we are on the continuous lookout for products and services of niche nature there by introduce the technological advances to the end-users.
With a 30 member Marketing Team, two resident representative offices two branch offices. We are arguably the best channel partner to access the rapidly growing market in.
Morganite Crucibles
PALL Filtration Separation Solution
Ferraz Shawmut
Kennametal Products
Wind Driven Turbo Ventilator
Premium make Fluid Couplings & Gearboxes
ESAB Welding Alloys
Turbo Precleaners
Tip Top Conveyor Care Products
Henkel Loctite Industrial Adhesives
Atlas Copco Nitrogen & Oxygen Generators Leaflet
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