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"SUNINSIDE" a Daylighting Unit that requires no electricity. You can switch off electric lights during day time in your work area with "SUNINSIDE" Daylighting Unit. "SUNINSIDE" Daylighting Units manfuactured with Technology Partner M/s. 3M. These are roof top mounted to receive day light from the whole hemisphere above it. Through the UV & IR blocking Polycarbonate Dome it collects the day light, guides and transmits the same through a tube fused with 3M Highest Visible Reflectivity Specular Film. The 99.7% reflectance day light then is diffused indoors through 3M Diffuser Film and Optical Grade Plastics without altering the colours of the transmitted light and without any solar heat gain. With Unique Vari-Pitch Technology, SUNINSIDE Daylight System harvests maximum daylight and integrates into the indoors.

There are two parts of daylight — Direct Sunlight and Diffuse Light. Both are highly potential because it is available plentiful but with challenges on high radiation intensity and huge variability.

The SUNINSIDE Tubular Daylight Guidance Systems handles both the challenges efficiently to tap maximum daylight and to offer unmatched replacement to electric lighting, transparent roof sheets, windows, etc.,
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